When can you get a Prenatal massage?

Prenatal massage

Massages, in general, are good for health and if you are regular, your body is much different. It not only helps you relax but enhances your skin. Furthermore., the effects are positive that also helps you to sleep. However, some massages are developed for certain conditions and purposes. Some are meant for certain muscles whereas some are for particular conditions. Prenatal massage is one such type that is directed towards pregnant ladies. The benefits vary from person to person, but in general, it is good for health at that time when it is most required.

What is Prenatal Massage?

Pregnancy is not an easy task. A woman’s body goes through a lot off changed before it gives birth. It is a natural process but for the body, it can be painful. You can see many of the ladies complain of back pain and muscle strain. Prenatal massage is developed to assess and help with so many problems and pains that occur during pregnancy. This involves restricted massage movements that are safe and reliable for the body. As the body of a pregnant lady is delicate, so the message has to be careful.

What to expect?

Prenatal massage is a lot different than the normal massages. So you will need to be ready for it but there is nothing to worry as the therapist is a professional and will know what she is doing. The massage therapist will avoid the strong pressure on your body and position you in a semi-reclined position or on the side. He will refrain from using deep pressure on the thighs and abdomen. She will use slight pressure and different massaging movements for the massage. Deep pressure on the body can cause problems.


There are various benefits of a prenatal massage and if you are in hands of an experienced therapist, you will certainly be relieved of so much pain. The most common occurrence of pain in the pregnancy is in the back, but the massage will help to reduce it. Also, you will experience better sleep and mood, a decrease in stress, and a reduction in labor complications. However, you should be careful when you are booking the therapist, make sure that you know how experienced she is. Also, consult your doctor before you book the appointment, she will be able to advise you on the matter.


Prenatal massage involves a different way of putting slight pressure on various parts of the body but avoiding the abdomen and thighs. This includes gentle foot rub, back rub, shoulder rub, and scalp massage. The therapist uses techniques designed exclusively for a prenatal massage that help your body relax and reduce the pain.


During pregnancy, there are so many things happening inside the body from an anatomical point that pain is one common thing. There are also mood changes and stress. Prenatal massage helps with the stress and helps the body relax which is much needed at that time.

When can you get a Prenatal massage?

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