All you need to know about Traditional Chinese medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine originated in China thousands of years ago. It is not known exactly when it originated, but it progressed throughout time and originated. Commonly known as TCM, it involves using Herbs, diet, acupuncture, cupping and qigong to treat various health problems. It is widely practiced in China but in the last few decades, it has made quite a jump in the US health facilities. Though in its infancy in the US as well as other countries. It sure has its share of people. One thing that sets it apart from other medical spheres is that it makes use of natural sources to treat various diseases.

Health benefits:
Traditional Chinese Medicine is known for its health benefits. Though the scientific community hasn’t dedicated much of their time researching TCM, it is used to treat various ailments of the body which include Parkinson’s disease, Anxiety, Arthritis, Back pain, Depression, Menopause, and fertility. It has wide uses stretching to a lot of issues of the human body. The diagnosis varies in TCM and is a lot different than modern medicine.

The principle:

Traditional Chinese medicine has a central idea that promotes the cohesion of the body. According to it, all the organs and tissues of the body support each other and they must do so. The person’s organs must be in balance for the body to perform. This is done through the harmonizing yin and yang; energies that affect life in general. It makes use of natural substances to help the body heal itself. The medicine is not dependent on the particularity but can be on the totality. Even though TCM is widely practiced in China, it is yet to be mainstreamed in other countries, but as things are heading, it is only about time.

How does it work?

If you visit a TCM practitioner, they will take your health history, doing a tongue assessment, pulse assessment, and a physical exam. This is done to see if there are any imbalances in the body. Even though the exam concludes that there are imbalances in the body, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a problem. This is related to the energy and if the practitioner believes that your energy is being blocked, the medicine will be prescribed according to that. However, you are to take traditional medicine only.

Methods and Herbs:

There are various kinds of treatments and Herbs prescribed in TCM. These include Acupuncture, Acupressure, Cupping therapy, diet and nutrition, and Moxibustion. Many herbs like Ginkgo biloba, Cinamon, Ginger, Ginseng, or Gotu Kola are commonly used in TCM. Patients can sometimes find some of the herbs difficult to find due to some regulations.


The effective treatment also depends on the practitioner you are visiting. If they are well aware of the paradigms of the treatment and science, you can be assured that TCM is not just effective but at the same time it has very few side effects and if you keep it in the limit, you will reap benefits.

All you need to know about Traditional Chinese medicine

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