Contrary to what you see on those charts hanging quietly on the wall at the office of your neighborhood acupuncturist, acupuncture points are not dots that can be found with a measuring stick and location book.

It is not that they are elusive. Nor is it true that the measurement instructions in the books are not helpful. It is more that they are an approximation, an indication, a rule of thumb, a rough guide.

Acupuncture points are the places of in between. In between bone and muscle, in between tendon and flesh, they are spaces where things connect, they are places in the body of transport and communication. Things happen here, if they are stimulated right.

Have you ever met someone that seems to be totally connected? They know the news on the latest restaurant, who is doing what, where to go and when. If you want news circulated, you tell them! Acupuncture points are a bit like that.

They are like those parts of the Chinese language, the “oh”, “eh”, “umh”, “hey-ah.” Those sounds of connection and expression that say more than any word can. All languages have those those sounds that coax a smile onto the face, quicken our hearts, instantly and effortlessly change our mood. Acupuncture points are like that as well. They remind of something forgotten, they can instantly teleport us to another place.

Actually, the trick is not so much finding the point, but discovering which point to use and when.

It is the difference between following a cookbook, and knowing how to cook!

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