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We want to make sure that you have access to alternative health therapies which can help boost your overall health and allow you to feel more energised every day.


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We live in a time where everyone is working towards something and constantly stressing themselves. We at Alternative health want to bring you closer to learning different ways which can help you stay stronger from within.


One of the best ways to bring flexibility back into a life where you can relax moving with your body and release yesterday’s stress and bringing energy today.


Meditation is one of the few ways which will help you relax and bring you back to the days allowing you to have better health when it comes to physical and mental state.



We want to make sure that you have all the essential macrobiotics which can get you started with a healthy gut by consuming healthy bacteria from natural foods.

We can understand that changing your lifestyle can be tough, but a small change of eating healthy or meditating can get you one step close to a healthy body and mind.

Natural Self-Healing

The body has its own ways of self-healing and does not require our help. All we need to do is make sure to eat healthy and provide the body with its nutrients from natural sources.


One way to ensure that you have access to some of the best experts who can put pressure in a certain area to bring the right changes in you life.


The smell can influence your thoughts and can have an effect on your mood. We have suggestions for the best aromatherapy which can allow you to have a stress free mind.


We have access to a few massages which can help your blood flowing and can get you to get rid of chronic pains.

"They have some of the best ways which have helped me have a healthier approach to mind, body and soul. I highly recommend them if you live a stressful life."

Eleanor D. Clark

Herbal Medicine

We have access to herbal medicine which can help give you give a bit of boost to your immune system to help ensure that you have access to better health.

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World’s Most Popular Herbal Medications And Benefits


For centuries people have been turning their heads towards natural and herbal ways to help ensure that they have access to the good health from nature itself. There are many natural remedies which can be more affordable and accessible than conventional medicines and can allow them to have overall health benefits. Here are a few popular herbal medications that people consume.



Echinacea also is known as coneflower is a flowering plant which is very popular in herbal medicine. It is long known to have been some of the best remedies to help with wounds, burns, toothaches, sore throat and upset stomach. There are many plant and leaves which can have the strongest effects. Echinacea is a tea which can also be applied topically. It is used to help treat and prevent the common cold and can have a very strong effect on the body. It is known to reduce the risk of colds by 20%. The data, although is insufficient, can take a long time to evaluate long term effects of the herb.



Ginseng is a medicinal plant which is generally consumed in the form of tea. This is a Chinese medicine which is effective at reducing inflammation and boost immunity and brain function. There are many popular Asian and American types which can be very stimulating and can allow you to relax. Ginseng has been used for centuries which can support its efficiency is lacking. There are many animal studies which suggest that there is a unique compound called the ginsenosides. These compounds are neuroprotective, immune-supporting, anticancer, anti-diabetes, etc.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba is also known as ginkgo, which is an herbal medicine which is derived from the maidenhair tree. It is one tree which is native to China and is used in many traditional Chinese medicines for thousands of years. It contains a variety of antioxidants which has had health benefits. The seeds and leaves of the plant is traditionally used to make teas and tinctures. The fruits of this tree is eaten raw, and the seeds are toasted for flavour. Ginko is treated to have a wide range of ailments which includes things like heart disease, dementia, mental difficulties and sexual dysfunction.



Elderberry is an ancient herbal medicine which is made from cooked fruit and is used to relieve headache, nerve pain, toothaches, colds and infections. Elderberry is available and can be used as a syrup and is generally cooked with honey and ginger. There is a test which demonstrates the compounds have antioxidants, antimicrobials and antiviral properties. The short term use of elderberry can be considered safe, but unripe fruits can be toxic and can cause diarrhoea.

What is Holistic healing?


The human body is a complex machine and its working is dependent on the efficiency of all the organs. If we are injured or have a headache, the body can’t perform well. This is the basic idea of Holistic healing. It is a type of healing that considering the treatment of the whole body that includes body, mind, spirit, and emotions. If people have any imbalances in all of these, this can reflect on their bodies. It is no different than modern medicine, but the approach varies which also promotes wellbeing and general health of a patient.

How different it is?

Holistic healing is the overall healing of the human body. Modern science overlooks the spirit and emotions of a human being, but these things can have a lot of effect on our bodies. The body can heal itself, but if you fall into depression, you can have a lot of problems. So to be healthy, all parts of the body must be well. This includes the emotional stability of the person as well. The treatment emphasizes the natural healing abilities of the body.

Does it work?

The definition of Holistic in the totality, not the particularity. This branch of science studies all the fraction of the human body and approaches the treatment from a different perspective. The practitioners are licensed to carry out the treatment and prescribe the methods. They receive proper training. Holistic healing works as it involves a lot of methods to help the body improve its healing capacity. However, other factors affect treatment such as immunity. If your immune system is weak, it can take a while. You will also have to do various lifestyle adjustments during the treatment.


Holistic practitioners will use a lot of techniques to help their patients. This will include a strict diet, exercise as well as therapies. Counselling i9s one of the main parts of the treatment where the expert will advise as well as suggest the patient come out of difficult situations of his life. Therapies like acupuncture, chiropractic care, homeopathy, and massage therapy are also prescribed to the patient along with modern medicine. Though modern medicine is recommended and prescribed in intense cases.

Where to find:

Holistic practitioners are licensed who have gone through rigorous training. You have to find the hospital to get an appointment. However, you will need to find more about the experience and your treatment options at the clinic. Some practitioners are better than the rest. You will also need to research the process so that you know what are the right questions to ask.


The holistic approach is a better way of looking and resolving many problems. The treatment takes into consideration the human body in totality and with various methods and therapies approaches the medical problem. It increases the self-healing properties of your body and in case you are intending to visit a Holistic Doctor, you should research well so that you know what you are into.

When can you get a Prenatal massage?

Prenatal massage

Massages, in general, are good for health and if you are regular, your body is much different. It not only helps you relax but enhances your skin. Furthermore., the effects are positive that also helps you to sleep. However, some massages are developed for certain conditions and purposes. Some are meant for certain muscles whereas some are for particular conditions. Prenatal massage is one such type that is directed towards pregnant ladies. The benefits vary from person to person, but in general, it is good for health at that time when it is most required.

What is Prenatal Massage?

Pregnancy is not an easy task. A woman’s body goes through a lot off changed before it gives birth. It is a natural process but for the body, it can be painful. You can see many of the ladies complain of back pain and muscle strain. Prenatal massage is developed to assess and help with so many problems and pains that occur during pregnancy. This involves restricted massage movements that are safe and reliable for the body. As the body of a pregnant lady is delicate, so the message has to be careful.

What to expect?

Prenatal massage is a lot different than the normal massages. So you will need to be ready for it but there is nothing to worry as the therapist is a professional and will know what she is doing. The massage therapist will avoid the strong pressure on your body and position you in a semi-reclined position or on the side. He will refrain from using deep pressure on the thighs and abdomen. She will use slight pressure and different massaging movements for the massage. Deep pressure on the body can cause problems.


There are various benefits of a prenatal massage and if you are in hands of an experienced therapist, you will certainly be relieved of so much pain. The most common occurrence of pain in the pregnancy is in the back, but the massage will help to reduce it. Also, you will experience better sleep and mood, a decrease in stress, and a reduction in labor complications. However, you should be careful when you are booking the therapist, make sure that you know how experienced she is. Also, consult your doctor before you book the appointment, she will be able to advise you on the matter.


Prenatal massage involves a different way of putting slight pressure on various parts of the body but avoiding the abdomen and thighs. This includes gentle foot rub, back rub, shoulder rub, and scalp massage. The therapist uses techniques designed exclusively for a prenatal massage that help your body relax and reduce the pain.


During pregnancy, there are so many things happening inside the body from an anatomical point that pain is one common thing. There are also mood changes and stress. Prenatal massage helps with the stress and helps the body relax which is much needed at that time.

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